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  1. Still nothing... we are in 2016 and the lack of this feature is truly puzzling. Wasting my time writing in "notes" to "paste" in Evernote !!!!! Any serious text processing app has this functionality... Thanx EverCoders thinking of this (and know you love formatting things so...). Cheers
  2. Really unuseful & annoying working everyday without that > Copy / Paste Style commands. are the dev thinking of implement this or not?
  3. Hi Alex; I’m a first time user too & really love Evernote since his first release… use it all day long... … but using the 6.6 since 10 minutes and I just don't understand one thing : the shortcuts to make text bigger or smaller change in 6.5 update (⌘ ⇧ < for minus the type size or ⌘ ⇧ > to make it bigger). Not usefull but it was to implement the ⌘+ / ⌘- for Zoom in &out so I understand... What I don’t understand is that it just change again with the 6.6 !!! and for now, it’s really not usefull with a french azerty keyboard ! have found an alternative with the keyboard shortcuts manager under OSX but really don’t understand why you change again these shortcuts... oh, "one more thing" : if the team could work on the long waiting shortcuts for Copy Style / Paste Style commands, it will be great…. Cheers Matthews
  4. Of course 1000000 x ! really love Evenote but have to use Omnifocus in parallel because of this gap ! I think we really need a Collapsible / Expandable outlines within Notes, & the same for notebooks, having the possibility to make sub notebooks !
  5. Yep yep... of course it's a great idea ! it's very very very long waiting for that simple & useful shortcuts implementation.... I'm waiting for it since the lunch of Evernote. personally, I will use that fonction every-time so I actually loose a lot of time copy paste & replace ! Hope the team will work on it to make Evernote perfect because it's a real miss #;-)
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