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  1. I have the same with both the iOS app and online... It's just our lives now, it won't take edits. It must be a cloud issue, but I don't know when it resolves. It's Evernote being incompetent at their one job.
  2. It just happend with me a few hours ago when I opened a note on the iOS-app. It opened with all bullet-points made into the solid black one, which wasn't the case originally because I had many sub-points applied, so it basically normalized the entire body of text. - Then when I simply closed the app on the iPad and moved to the web-browser it was still the same, so I just accepted it as a bug and decided to fix it manually. - HOWEVER, it didn't take any changes. It shows the "saving"-icon and I hit the 'Done'-button, but it doesn't save it when I re-load the same note. It just goes back to the messed up version. So I can't even really do much with it or trust it to even save my work. Heck, I'm afraid to do any more work because I don't know if it will even save it, or even open another note at the risk of losing formatting indeed. Why, Evernote, can you not get something as basic as formatting and saving right? Or even preventing it from corrupting, after all these years...
  3. I just opened Evernote on my tablet, as I regularly do, and while I haven't had any major issues for a good while, suddenly it changed a note's bulletpoints that were of the empty circle variant into the solid black one (but also left any that were a solid dot the same). - I quickly accepted it as a bug, and I went to check the online editor and it was of course the same. - However, even though I accepted it and decided to just fix it manually, it won't accept any changes. I've tried three times over the recent hours, but any changes I make, despite Evernote doing the "saving"-animation with the checkmark and me pressing the 'Done'-button, it just reverts to the messed up version. And I'm sorry, but referring someone to an entirely different app or service isn't the solution, and it also indicates something is very wrong. People put their trust with a company like Evernote to be a part of their workflow and also keep their information, but Evernote can't get something as simple as bulletpoints right. Even when it saves properly and doesn't mess up the save it's not well-designed. - It's 2018; Why can't Evernote do the one thing they claim to be specialized in? Text-editors have been around for decades, Evernote have been at it for years, yet it's bugged with mundane issues. It's ridiculous. - I was, again, considering to become a paying member (and basically only to be able to use it on more than two devices), but that's out the window now, really. You can tell me to switch to something else as well, but for quite some time I've been collecting a lot in Evernote, so it's easier said than done, and I have stuff to do as well. - Really, people need to get work done and they use tools like Evernote to make life easier. - If it were some big complex issue like... I don't know what, then fine. But changing indentations or bullet-points randomly and not saving changes you make?... It's basically broken then. It really feels like a product that was abandoned, right now. Anyway, rant over... It's stupid. - And yes, I'm very annoyed; Don't pretend to be able to do something or provide a service and then not follow up on it. It's just causing setbacks for people who actually use it to increase productivity. But if it's not cooperating, and it's not the user's fault on top of that...
  4. Yea, I came here exactly to "complain" about inconsistencies between the web-version and the app. Because even though I've used Evernote for some loose personal use for about a year or so, I just started applying to projects between me and other people. For example; I would have a notebook with notes shared with another person, or multiple people, and I was figuring how to keep track of who typed what. Well, I thought the solution would be to change the font-color. And it is, until you want to use the app, which doesn't have that feature. This baffled me, because how simple of a thing is that to do, really? Unless the whole coding or nature of the app is so different, what's the problem?... Maybe the developers of the web-version and the app-version should use Evernote to communicate their plans and changes better. Who wants to bet they don't even use it... Because such an inconsistency would be obvious. I mean, really, you can change the font itself, what's keeping them from implementing that you can change the color?... It's just weird. The same for some other features, by the way. Such as audio-files. You can insert/attach audio-files with the web and desktop versions, but with the app it's recordings with the microphone only. I happen to be an audio/music-producer, and to be able to share samples and such right there in the notes is great. But in case I'm mobile and need to include an audio-file, it just doesn't seem to be possible and I have to wait until I can get to a PC. So I just wish they would unify their different versions, before differences become huge and it becomes a real mess.
  5. This seems interesting, because I was looking into using Evernote as a journal/diary between me and another person. I'm not exactly sure how your app would work with Evernote in practice, but would it still allow me to share a notebook with another person? So, meaning that I would open the journal up to another person so we could both leave notes in it. Or is it just closed off to just the user/creator?
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