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  1. Got a link to the gotham font? Kind of weird that Evernote would choose a default font for the web editor that isn't installed in Win10 by default? The desktop client is set to Verdana by default. But the browser client keeps on using Gotham by default, ugh. I just want to use Verdana by default across all platforms.
  2. Is there a way to change this default font yet? Gotham fails to render correctly at certain sizes and just and isn't good. Verdana is way better - I really want to make this my default.
  3. Oh and along the same lines - why is my browser version of my notes set to Gotham, but my Desktop version of those same notes, set to Verdana?! Why isn't the font saved across platforms?
  4. On the WebApp/Browser version of Evernote, I can use a single backtick: ` before and after a snippet to turn it into a code snippet, just like Markdown/Zendesk, etc. Works great, even inside a bulleted list. I can also select a block of text, and hit the Code Block button, or use three backticks: ``` before/after the text block, and turn it into a code block, again even if it's inside a bulleted list. I can't do any of this in the Windows version of Evernote, which is extremely odd to me that the web client is more fully featured and easier to use?! In the Desktop client, backticks seems to do nothing - they don't trigger any formatting. I can select a block of text, but I can't turn it into a code block, unless it's NOT in a bulleted list?! Worst of all, code snippets seem to be ignored in the Windows version - even if they look/work ok in the WebApp interface! Things are slightly better in the Android app, since at least it does show code snippets I've previously created. Thus I've uninstalled the desktop version as I can't find any utility in it over the browser version and it's missing these critical features I need. Which begs the question - why is the far more complicated desktop version of the app, failing to do these simple formatting requests? Furthermore why is the interface and featureset between all versions of evernote, so different from eachother? Why isn't there just one standard interface and feature set on all platforms!? So confusing to me.
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