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  1. @csihilling - thanks very much for the prompt response and info! I spent at least half an hour looking everywhere for that to no avail. Got so frustrated I ended up uninstalling. Reinstalled and the option you highlight is indeed there so don't know whether I just didn't see the trees for the forest or something went very awry. Probably the former! I did uninstall after experiencing another interface issue and that is no longer manifesting since I've reinstalled the app either. Chalk it up to gremlins. Didn't think I got them wet! Thanks again
  2. Did this thread continue? I've just downloaded the latest Windows client (HP laptop on Win 10) and I cannot see an option anywhere that enables me to sort my notes by title. The function exists on my iPad and iPhone, even the browser. Where is it in the Windows app? Thanks
  3. Yes please! I have reached the point where my work usage of EN is clogging up my personal notes and am considering having a separate account for work stuff to make life easier so having the ability on my iPhone/iPad to switch between the two accounts easily would be an absolute boon. Thanks in advance!
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