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  1. First off let me lead with, I've been in the computer field since 1976. I've developed software, written tech manuals, been on the net since 1990. Not trying to trump my own horn just trying to give some background. I have been using Evernote almost from the get go. Really have not had many issues with the service or software so had no need to use the forums or find out where to get help. Now I've have issues with syncing and loosing control of one of my notebooks. You think I can find readily available help, no not at all. I've spent over 2 hours and I'm no closer to solving the problem. To me there is no help here on Evernote, not when one has to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for it!! Take this "helpful suggestion": (no disrespect meant) And, although this may have helped some I found it totally useless! I've been doing manual syncs from the beginning.I have come to rely on Evernote but I am looking for a competing product and when I do find one I will get a refund from Evernote on my Premium Subscription!! Why, because there is no support!! Why the SH can we not speak to a human (preferably one who speaks EGNLISH!!)!!??
  2. I've been using Evernote for over a year and have been quite satisfied until now. One of my Notebooks got reassigned to someone I shared it with. Also my notes show up on the web version but not on my desktop or iPhone/iPad App, this happens whether I use the Chrome or any other browser's web clipper. Any ideas?
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