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  1. I don't know if this is the appropriate forum to write this as I do not see a Chromebook specific forum. If it needs to be posted somewhere else please feel free to move it or let me know so I can post there instead. A few problems that I see so far about using it on a Chromebook: There does not seem to be a print option. Unlike an android device a Chromebook is tended to be used more like a laptop for writing, data entry, etc. This makes it problematic for use as a document creator. To print I then have to take it out of Evernote and into GoogleDocs. PDF viewing is kind of clunky. Would like to be able to preview the PDF when I click on that note instead of having to open the note, then click the pdf and have it take up the entire screen. Some sort of embedding would be very handy. The editor seems to have some serious issues, especially when using lists/bullets. An up arrow will often move you many lines up instead of just up one line. Using any sort of keyboard shortcut (ctrl +alt + up arrow [home]) doesn't seem to function whatsoever. Selecting anything in the editor also seems to work strangely. If one holds down the shift key and then clicks the mouse in a new place, it does not select any text but simply moves the cursor to the new location. There does not seem to be a way to nest lists/bullets within each other. If you click one it changes them all. There also does not seem to be a way to enter a line return during a list item. You either have to create a faux list in order to have multiple paragraphs/lines in each item or you have to simply keep all list items on one single line. The built in spell checker for google does not seem to carry over into the Evernote app window. I am very happy with the concept of evernote on my Chromebook which I use for travel, studies, writing etc. It just needs some development time to be something I would use if I only had a chromebook. As it stands, I find having to add in other programs to do routine tasks or even moving to my Windows machine just to print/format/type to be quite annoying. Thanks in advance and look forward to seeing it continue to improve.
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