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  1. My experience is that very simple filenames succeed on the first sync. Unusual characters and punctuation, legitimate on MacOS, usually don’t survive the first sync. Recent updates to the client make it only two renamed to success. It used to be more. Thing is, if the rename option worked, then this wouldn’t be an issue. It should be up to the EN program to rename the file attachment, sync, and verify — not me, and not every time. Just because it works for many users most of the time doesn’t mean this isn’t a bug worth fixing.
  2. If you contact support, they’ll have you uninstall the client, update the OS, reinstall the client, and try myriad options — all of which result in the same behavior after years of people pointing it out. You can spend more time chasing down their troubleshooting advice than just living with the inconvenience. Sadly they are not willing to believe it occurs or that it could be their program causing the problem.
  3. I have been having the same problem in the EN version of Evernote for years. Sometimes the rename works on the first attempt. Most of the time, it takes at least three attempts. Occasionally, it's been more than four.
  4. 2016-03-03: Evernote 6.5, Apple Mail 8.2, Yosemite 10.10.5 Eleven months later and this still isn't fixed. Is there a workaround via the service menu? For example, one can right click, navigate to services, and select Omni Group's ”OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox” and it works. Selecting “Add to Evernote” from the same services menu creates a new note with no content.
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