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  1. Understand the concept, love the single keystroke - struggling to understand TSW!!!
  2. I've not used saved searches before, but I will now. I really like your use of 'When ' as I don't always remember the correct formatting of the prefix, but this seems pretty foolproof and should give me the overview that I'm looking for. Thanks for responding and correctly interpreting my query!
  3. I add tasks to my Action pending notebook and tag them by urgency see - http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ On my PC I can see immediately which tasks have priority by sorting the tags, see attached image. On my iPad I can't do this and I want to!
  4. I've seen this request come up in the past but without any response. I use a GTD system that depends on being able to sort by tags and find that I'm tied to my PC in order to do this. Please consider adding this feature to iOS as I'm increasingly using my iPad and find the app a poor relation to the desktop version.
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