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  1. True. The fundamental problem is a failure to see the abstraction between information organization and information representation. As @DTLow and @JMichaelTX and others have pointed out, the underlying implementation of any organizational mechanism is labeled objects. A Directory is set of labels to files, and if the structure of the labels allows only one parent, it is a TREE. If the structure allows more than one parent it is a GRAPH. Period. That's it. It's that simple. First year CS class teaches you this. Without an abstraction between the underlying implementation and the way infor
  2. Good points. An intentional stance that has note changed since 2008? There are four factors at play here. 1. Information Structure and Organization. gmail is an excellent example showing that "labels" and "folders" are one and the same. In fact, technically, any filesystem is simply a set of labels (tags) in a directory. The only difference is that tags allow multiple membership, which is a more flexible structure than a directory. I'd argue that EN users have a higher requirement for organizing active information than an email app, which is ultimately about Inbox Zero and an archive.
  3. Agreed. Technically as you've described a "pseudo notebook" is simply a label. In fact, technically, any folder hierarchy is simply a set of labels in a directory. The only difference is that labels/tags permit multiple membership. so in the end Tags is a much more flexible mechanism. You can "move" a whole set of notes to a different notebook by retagging them, OR have them show up in a different notebook by adding a new tag. Some people visualize best as folders others prefer to search for a tag. I do both. See ALL the notes in a category and know it's all of them (archival)
  4. Several ongoing editing bugs stem from one more fundamental problem I believe. Each has been discussed separately, but never fully resolved, so I'm making one post to draw attention to the bigger problem. Here are a few examples I've experienced for years: The "Quantum cursor" - cursor location after a paste is randomly above or below the inserted content Bullet list start/stop - item in a bullet list may include 0, 1 or 2 LF, sometimes you can end a list with 2 CR, sometimes it just keeps making more bullets Paste w/o formatting, sometimes you get the formatting of the line
  5. There have always been quirks in the placement of the cursor, which seem to have improved or been resolved (for years, when you pasted text, the cursor wasn't necessarily at the end of the text afterward, so if you just started typing, you be typing in the wrong place, and checkbox lists were pretty wacky, often typing before the checkbox, or on the next line, or the previous line.) But there's a new bug: when you click somewhere to place the cursor, and begin to type, the text is entered at the previous cursor position. (Evernote 6.5, Mac OS 10.9.5) 1. Cursor is in position A (say,
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