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  1. I've just updated to and now all my notes with embedded tables are practically unreadable.
  2. I've just updated to release and now can't access any of my encrypted notes.
  3. When I attempt to create a new note, by any of the available methods, a new window flashes on my screen and immediately minimizes it self to the bottom of the screen. However, it doesn't actually appear as a minimized window, it just disappears. So I have no means of creating new notes on my PC. I can create new notes fine on my Android device and sync them with my PC and then modify the note on the PC. Just can't create a new note on the pc. I'm running an up to date version of Windows 10. Don't worry about this post now. I've just managed to get the new note window to display. It was on my second screen. Dragging it to the primary and it seems to work fine. Can even drag it back to the secondary and start a new note in the secondary. It was probably a Windows issue rather than an application issue.
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