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  1. I second this request to fix a functionality that used to work fine. By the way, this isn't the first time an EN update breaks the ability to annotate PDF in place. I recalled some time around the Mojave update this particular functionality was down for like months.
  2. Just want to make sure the EN dev team is aware that PDF summary is gone from the latest desktop app and someone out there actually cares for it. When will the functionality be back?
  3. I second this. Although it’s only been activated on my device recently. Not only LinkedIn extension, but in fact the whole Context functionality.
  4. Version EN 7.0 MAC If you force quit, start fresh, and perform global search once, you should see the tag filter shows all the possible tags for your search. Now, If you perform a couple times more global searches, chances are the tag filter will show *much less* tags than it should be. And there you go. As a long-time subscriber, I am increasingly weary of the slow development efforts from EN in recent years. I feel myself more like a QA for the product which I pay bucks to use. Which feels kind of funny.
  5. I have same problem with codes too. The code block is completely messed up. And indents are gone.
  6. I have been using third party Evernote service (Sublime Text w/ Evernote plugin) to annotate syntax highlighted codes. Things were rosy until EN 8.0 for iOS arrived. The line breaks are completely nonexistent when viewed in iOS so it's a total pain to review codes (see attachment), however in desktop and web version everything is as it should be. Does anyone notice this issue?
  7. This is the feature that I keep using Evernote for. For long documents this just neatly reminds me of what I had highlighted real quick. And you can always disable the summary page if you wish.
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