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  1. I was getting the same iOS 12.3.1. The note thumbnail would show the photo but the photo would not be there when I opened the note. I noticed that i had reached my monthly upload limit in the basic plan. So I upgraded to premium but the problem remained. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to get it to work correctly.
  2. @WesRast I can't get the colors anymore. It seems like it Evernote changed that with one of the application updates. If I really want to keep color and nice formatting, I'm going for github gists these days.
  3. I've found that the formatting pasted into Evernote (with or without code block) depends on the application that generated the format. So far, IntelliJ gives me the best formatting because it keeps both, the font colors and indentation. From VS Code I lose indentation and from Atom or TextMate I lose color. See the screenshot attached.
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