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  1. My keyboard contains a single key for < and > just like @Schaumburg and @jemostrom Like @jemostrom said, CMD + SHIFT + > wouldn't work. In my view, even using CMD + > and CMD + < to change font size would be quite cumbersome, because one of them would require three keystrokes (CMD + SHIFT + <>-button). These keys are all crammed to the bottom left corner of my keyboard (Finnish layout, Mac keyboard), and pressing them simultaneously requires twisting the wrist uncomfortably and paying careful attention to get your fingers on the correct keys because the fingers on some keys cloud the view to the other keys. I appreciate fluency in typing and normally don't need to even look at the keyboard. The prospect of this new shortcut does not sound fun, but rather like carpal tunnel syndrome... So far I've chosen not to update Evernote to not lose the easy option of CMD + + and CMD + -. I would love to keep on changing font sizes with an easy shortcut, because I do it a lot to add hierarchy to notes. It would be great if you could allow users to opt to continue using CMD + + and CMD + -, or to choose another key combination that works for them. For me at least, using CMD + + and CMD + - for font size, and pinch for zoom, would work great! Thank you for considering it! We’ve changed the increase and decrease font size key command. It used to be CMD + "+" and CMD + “-“. We are now changing this and aligning it with MS Office and Google Docs so the new key command will be CMD+SHIFT+> and CMD+SHIFT+<. This leaves CMD +”+” and CMD + “-“ for another feature .
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