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  1. Thanks. If I run them side by side do they use the same database of notes or do they diverge?
  2. So far I have found the new version to be less functional and slower, how can I roll back to the previous version? The loss of the keyboard shortcuts is particularly annoying and really slows down the creation of a new note. Seriously considering shopping for a new app that's more focused on the basic functionality and making sure it really works.
  3. After logging in I get "Sorry, we’re having some trouble.Try reloading the page." This has been going on all weekend at least. Nothing good has happened since the new version was released.
  4. I have used evernote to photo about 160 business cards. In the Notebook view, all cards show a thumbnail on the right hand side of the screen on my phone (Android) However, when I click on them on the phone, a few don't show the image. Nice to have the image to correct the OCR. Similar behavior on the PC, some of the Notes in this folder don't display the picture, even though it's present on the phone Notebook view Thanks Chris
  5. I'm using in Windows 10. Business cards I've scanned are not editable in the desktop app, as reported by many above. In-fact, they are labeled as re-only. This seems pretty dis-functional as the OCR is far from perfect or there may be more fields to fill out later. Is there a reasonable fix for this?
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