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  1. Weirdly, after several years of being broken, an update or two ago the note started remembering its place again. Based on what I'm reading here, it sounds like that's definitely not the case for everyone. So I suppose the question now is: is the fact that it's remembering the bug, or was the fact that it wasn't remembering the bug? Because we have inconsistent behavior. . . .
  2. Thanks for the update on the fact that this is apparently now a "feature request" rather than a bug fix. It doesn't seem like fixing something that used to work and then quit working is a "feature request" to me, but maybe it's been long enough that no one currently working on the functionality of the program remember that it was something the software used to do.
  3. Having this bug fixed would be really nice; it's been over 3 years since Evernote displayed the "remember my place" behavior--which it used to do. If Evernote wants to call it a "feature request," fine, but I'd like to have my notes go back to behaving correctly, as they used to do. Scrolling to get back to where I had been before switching between apps or having my screen go to sleep is a waste of time.
  4. I am just confirming that more than 3 years later, and on version 8.20.369737, this remains an issue.
  5. Annah, is it the case that "hiding the keyboard" is something that happens automatically in Evernote when alerts pop up (reminders, timers, incoming messages, etc.) or when changing apps? If so, that's what I am guessing might be causing the problem in my case. I very rarely use checkboxes. Also: "the reset to top" thing happens even in quite short notes, and definitely not just when I am at the bottom of the note. Looking forward to your update saying this is fixed!
  6. Hi, Not sure if this is a syncing issue, a sort of half-crash issue, or just a preference question, but over the last week or two Evernote has started acting differently when I shift back to the app, having been in a different app. Instead of opening the note where I was when I shifted to the second app, it opens the note at the beginning. The observed behavior is: - I shift back to the Evernote app. -It appears to open the Evernote app where I was. -There's a brief pause while it looks like the app may be checking for changes. -Evernote appears to reload the note--which results in the note "refreshing" and resetting to the top. It doesn't seem to matter what apps I am shifting between, and I believe it sometimes occurs if all that's happened is that my screen has gone to sleep and I have unlock my phone. This is resulting in a lot of wasted time as I have to scroll back down the note to get to the place I want to be--and just was--in the note. I have tried turning off some syncing for the duration of the time I need to be shifting between apps, thinking this might be a question of Evernote trying to find changes and failing, but either I didn't turn off the right syncing option or the sync behavior is irrelevant to this problem. I am on the verge of going to pen and paper for my notes and then transferring the written notes to some other collection point so I can avoid this reset behavior. It's wasting my time and is a consistent source of minor annoyance. Anyone have any idea what's going on with this? Is it a preference I haven't found, a sync option I didn't locate, or is it a "feature?" Tech info: Evernote version: 7.11.1. iOS version: 9.2.1 Phone: 5s, plenty of storage & memory available.
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