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  1. I am still waiting for such feature too. It's the reason why I've moved to MarkDown editors to write notes, but it's quite annoying to copy and paste between two editors (MarkDown and Evernote). I am currently using Typora, that is a fantastic and unique real-time MarkDown formatter. I don't really need such a great editor within Evernote: it would be fair enough to be able to define 3 levels of heading styles as suggested in this thread.
  2. Hello Gock, Thanks a lot for your support. I'm wondering: do you have any plan to include support for further extended table functionalities provided by MultiMarkdown and other similar libraries? I mean the possibility to have cells spanning multiple columns (or even row) and chances to include more then one row in the header. For instance: | | Spanning Header (Two Cells) || Header 1 | Header 2| Header 2 | ------------ | :-----------: | -----------: | Content 1 | *Spanning Cell* || Content 2 | **Cell Bold** | Cell | New section | More | Data | And more | And more | Thank you. Regards, Carlo
  3. Thanks a lot for your qucik reply, Gock. That is interesting, but unfortunately the DIV is broken by any heading put in the middle. Furthermore I can't find a way to decide which text to put in each column. The following is what I would like to obtain: ###Left title ###Right title Lorem ipsum dolor Nunc nec porta turpis. sit amet, consectetur Morbi a mi sed lorem adipiscing elit. Sed vestibulum laoreet sodales odio tortor, id quis ac sem. rutrum ante mattis id. Quisque suscipit My first use case would be the translation of a text in two languages. Thanks for your support. Carlo
  4. Hello Gock, I really appreciate Marxico as the only software able to effectively integrate Markdown into Evernote. I would like to ask you if there is any support for multi-column text: I've been trying to add some DIV tag within the text, using some custom CSS rules, but with no success. I've been experimenting with a custom class including the CSS3 attributes -webkit-column-count, -moz-column-count, column-count, ..., but I'm not able to understand how the start and end DIV tags are actually added to the text. May you spread some light on this? Thanks. Best regards, Carlo
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