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  1. I, too, would dearly love a keyboard shortcut for start/stop playback. (A shortcut for starting/stopping a recording would be great, too - but not as crucial for me.) In the meantime, I have bought ExpressScribe (separate program by another developer) to fill the gap until Evernote can do it. To use ExpressScribe, you need to use it to open an audio file. The magic of ExpressScribe is that you can set system-wide hot-keys for start/stop playback, fast-forward, rewind, jump-forward a few seconds, jump back a few seconds. With these enabled on your Mac (there's also a Windows version)
  2. Same problem here! Running OS X 10.9.5. Uninstalling Scansnap software and Evernote doesn't help; I get the same crash on starting Evernote (and then going through the forced sequence of choosing default notebooks for the scanner, etc. I get these errors in Console: 3/16/16 10:49:19.702 PM WindowServer[145]: _CGXSetWindowBackgroundBlurRadius: Invalid window 0xffffffff 3/16/16 10:49:35.026 PM Evernote[6573]: BUG in libdispatch client: kevent[EVFILT_VNODE] delete: "Bad file descriptor" - 0x 3/16/16 10:49:35.026 PM Evernote[6573]: BUG in libdispatch client: kevent[EV
  3. I, too, seek such a keyboard shortcut. It would allow me to transcribe my audio files right in Evernote, rather than have to load them separately into an application like ExpressScribe.
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