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  1. For me it's clear what the problem is but I guess we'll have to live with this bug several years until it finally gets fixed lol the "invisible note list" bug occurs randomly when I switch between notebooks.
  2. I'm wondering when the "resizing images while in zoom mode"-bug gets finally fixed… In this beta release the bug still appears and I also noticed another bug that needs to be fixed instead of spending time on the new "new note button": When pasting text, pictures, etc. into a zoomed note, the note jumps up and you have to manually scroll back down.
  3. I can't find an option to avoid this really annoying thing Evernote does (or does not). When I start writing and I'm coming close to the edge of the window it get's really annoying that the line doesn't move up to the center or stay at the center. My solution now is to paste some "returns" in every note so I can keep the line in the middle of the window but that's really annoying. There is another app called "Ulysses" which includes an "typewriter note" and does handle that issue quite well. Since this makes note-taking much easier and enjoyable, I'd love to see this function in Evernote.
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