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  1. Hola, Alguien sabe cómo buscar todas las notas que contengan un fichero concreto? Por ejemplo, todas las notas que tengan ficheros ajduntos cuyo nombre contenga la cadena de texto "fichero" (MiFichero.pdf, fichero.word, FicheroExcel.xls, etc...). Gracias!
  2. Hi, I completely agree. I’ve ben two years waiting for Evernote to support the Catalan language but Evernote is not interested in doing so. I’ve already unsubscribed from Evernote and I’m in t’he process of looking for another app. I’ll give a try to OneNote. Best
  3. Well after a long time since my request, Evernote still does not support Catalan, so I unsubscribed Evernote.

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