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  1. Yeah this definitely seems more useful for me, and I've been trying it out. I'm slowly getting the hang of it, although sometimes im still a bit with my hands in my hair cause I'm a bit lost, but it'll come. The main reason why I can't really seem to follow so many "guides" is because it's almost always e-mail orientated, but the thing is, I don't even get work e-mails for my type of work (yet, especially cause I'm in college). I don't really get e-mails I have to put into specific tags (now, later, soon) so I always feel "left out" with how it works, and I am/was just confused with how to apply my college work and my personal project work. As what someone else posted: IQTell seems interesting and I might try it. Right now I'm using Todoist, which I got the hang of now, and I'm using it together with evernote, but I still have a bit of a struggle with using evernote to it's fullest extend for my use. Thanks everyone for the help! I'll just keep trying and trying and hope i'll find something that works good for me
  2. Yeah definitely! I read and thought so myself too that everyone has a different way of applying GDT and its different for everyone, thats why my post was probably so vague, but I was just kind of confused where to start with the kind of things I do (college + making as much music as I can being productive) but thank you! your post is really informative and I'll definitely try to just start out, as you said, from basic principles, and I'll see how it goes
  3. Hi! I'm sorry if this post will end up being a bit vague, but I hope someone can help me out here! I'm an 18 year old student studying graphic design at the moment, (however this is more of a hobby... long story) What I do most of the time is Music Production (which I also want to do later in life) Now I wanted to be more productive and started reading up on Getting Things Done and came across some things like GTD + Evernote, The Secret Weapon, but I've been searching around a bit too much that I've gotten a bit dizzy (Theres a lot of text everywhere and I'm quite "impatient" i have trouble trying to read long things on end or staying focused. Im trying to fix this by meditating more, but thats not the point) I started getting intersted in combining GTD and Evernote, but I'm not sure if it would be useful for me? Now what I mean is it will definitely be useful in general and to be able to write all my projects for school down and all that, however in the videos of TSW I feel like it's all focused to people who already have jobs and such, and how the tags are made (Now, then, soon, later, @work, @home, writing names down of your collegeaus, etc) and it all seems like a bit too "bussinessy" to be useful for me(?) I want to be able to use GTD for being able to spend more time being able to produce music, pretty much. My 'to do list' I have right now (actually I dont even have one) is a mess, and I end up doing almost nothing productive and I end up doing nothing music producing related at all, which annoys me greatly. So I kind of want to ask, will GTD + Evernote (I also started to use Todoist and i love it) help me? Is there maybe a better way I can implement it to be able to spend more time producing music and being more productive overall? Maybe any suggestions for what evernote would also be useful for? Again, sorry if this is (really) vague. English isn't my first language and it's a bit hard trying to write down what I really mean in my head, if theres any questions or any suggestions to what I could do would be extremely appreciated! thank you!
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