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  1. I, too just made this fat-fingered mistake, removed a tag from a ton of research notes, and because I had searched on the tag which was just deleted they immediately disappeared from view, so I could not re-tag them with it, or even find them all again. I don't have a second computer with Evernote on it, and, it synced immediately to the web, destroying any hope of disconnecting and salvaging years of work via the website. I have, however, found a 100% effective solution going forward, which doesn't require me to interrupt my work to remember to make frequent manual backups: Switch to an online-synced note taking app that takes users' work needs seriously and doesn't leave inexcusable, work-destroying bugs like this in its product unfixed even as users complain over and over about this same issue for over 7 years. Presto! Problem solved. Goodbye, Evernote, you've finally lost me for good. This is inexcusable. There should be NO for way a single wrong keyclick to permanently destroy years of organizational work, without any 'undo' feature, especially the better part of a decade after users first complained about it. At least, not in a professional note-taking app.
  2. Count me another Firefox user and longtime Evernote user who is really wondering what I'm paying Evernote for at this point, since I can't clip most pages that I want to save. Evernote, if you're trying to lose a customer, you're doing it very well. Way to show your paying users you simply don't care about them.
  3. Hey, Evernote Staff, it's 2019, this problem is still frequent. Do you have any plans to fix it, or is the idea that we're supposed to keep paying you for software that doesn't work?
  4. Evernote Mac, Sierra 10.12.6. Whenever I try to save a screenshot, it gives me the crosshairs, I select the area to screenshot, it makes the camera sound, and that's it. No screenshot is ever saved. Sometimes after a few minutes of waiting, I'll click the Evernote toolbar button again, and I see a quick flash of something that might be a 'save' button pop up, but it's only for a split second and disappears too quickly for me to even read it, let alone hit it.
  5. Yeah, looks like quitting & restarting did the trick. No idea why it didn't last time.
  6. I'll try logging out & in again. Evernote support are the ones who told me to post here, apparently they don't care if only one user complains, they said to post here and if other people chimed in maybe they'd eventually do something about it.
  7. I'm using 6.11, the latest version. If you're talking about the "keyboard shortcuts create lists, lines, and emojis" preference, I have that unchecked. It doesn't matter. Attached is an example of what I'm talking about. I tried to use Evernote to take meeting notes the other day, and it made its own scrambled hash out of my list by replacing my item numbers with insanely scattered random numbering. Why does the numbering start with "4" instead of "1"? Why are some blank lines numbered, and some aren't? What does any of this have to do with the actual, sensible notes numbering as I actually wrote them? Why is a program I pay to use overwriting my input with nonsense, instead of letting me number items the way I want? Why hasn't Evernote learned from 25 years of users complaining about this function in MS Word? How am I supposed to make productive use out of this? What about when I sometimes have to share notes with a client, am I supposed to show them this insane mess? Or am I expected to also keep simultaneous notes in a second note-taking app just so I can have something to share that doesn't make me look completely incompetent to them? I don't have the answers to any of these questions, but I know I'm wondering why I'm paying money for an app that makes nonsense out of my notes against my wishes, steadfastly prohibiting me with an iron hand from taking my notes the way I need them. It's just beyond me why a company would go out of their way to take power away from their users and force them to involuntarily submit to crazy, uncontrollable, senseless numbering schemes. Why would anybody ever want this "feature"? I want my notes the way I type them. I don't want software changing them against my will! I don't understand why that even needs to be said. Am I really the only person who finds this UX design completely insane? How can an app that does this to my notes be taken seriously as a note-taking solution?
  8. I have long since stopped looking at the related results evernote adds to my google web results, because most of the time, they're just noise. They have nothing at all to do with what I'm searching for. I save useful information to Evernote, in the hopes that when I do a google search for that topic, it'll come up and I will see it remember I've already saved something relevant and don't need to search the web for it. But that box is just white noise, useless. At this point, if it ever did bring up a relevant note, I wouldn't notice, because I've been trained to completely ignore it since the results it shows are almost never even remotely relevant. If there's no relevant results, it shouldn't show anything. This way, when there are relevant results, I'll notice. As it is, this feature is 100% useless, because when you generate that much consistent noise, nobody will ever notice the very occasional useless information buried within it every once in a great while. Look at this screen cap below. By add info on Comedy, Lorde, and information architecture to my marketing consultant search, all you've done is camouflage any useful information that might come up next time by making me acclimated to seeing useless garbage there. It's a shame, it's a total waste of what would have been a good feature if there was a way to distinguish useful results from noise.
  9. Not much to say other than that. It trips me up every single day. I'm not stupid, I'm actually capable of typing things the way I want them, and don't need a program to "helpfully" force me to do it its way instead of how I wanted it. Evernote support said I should post it here. So here I am. Major fail, and it scares me for the future of Evernote that they think it's better to treat their users like idiots who are incapable of deciding on something as simple as formatting. I hate "automatic formatting" enough to think maybe there's some other note-keeping solution besides that doesn't treat me like I'm stupid, and just gets out of the way and lets me do my work. Evernote UX designers: Are you not aware of the DECADES of user complaints about MS Word for doing this exact sort of thing? People HATE it. At least give us the option to turn it off, rather than forcing it down our throats. Otherwise it just reminds me, every time I use Evernote, that you think your users are idiots who have to be shown how to make a freaking list. There you go, Evernote support, I posted here like you asked. Now I'm going to go shop for a serious note-keeping solution.
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