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  1. Reverting to the prior version fixed the problem. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. Didn't see the picture when it was staring me in the face. I am on the new version and will switch to the prior version.
  3. How would I know if it is the "new" web client. and how would I downgrade? I'm just logging in at Evernote.com, so I don't know how to access a different version. And yes, I am using my same login credentials as on my iOS and MacOS Evernote clients.
  4. Hello, When attempting to save a Web Clip to my Evernote account, my browser's (Safari) Evernote extension required me to sign in to my Evernote account. After logging in and saving the Web Clip, no other notes are seen in my Evernote account online, just the Web Clip. My iOS Evernote account (same username and password) shows 7,000+ notes. Any ideas as to what has happened and what I need to do about this? Thank you for any suggestions.
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