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  1. Hello Evernote Community! I am about to leave for a trip that will take around 10 years, maybe a little more. I will be completely away from both civilization, and an internet connection. I very much want to have an easy way to collect my research, thoughts, writings, and everyday notes in one place during my trip. I have seen colleague's using Evernote, and entered information into their Evernote notebooks for them during experiments and meetings, and I very much enjoyed the UI and the different features. Here now we get to my problem: Since I will be away from civilization, and the internet, for 10 years, I am unsure how to go about using Evernote. I have noticed some limitations, when already attempting to utilize the Evernote software while offline. First, I could not find a way to get it to work while offline and with no way to verify my online account. This is going to be a problem. Since I had no account configuration file yet, and had no internet access, I could not use the software. This is a problem, because during my 10 years away from civilization and the internet, I will almost guaranteed have to re-install windows at least a dozen times, and if I end up losing the configuration files with my account information, I need to be sure that I can still use the software after a fresh install (from USB drive). Next, I can only find a way to pay for a single year of premium. So, how can I pay for 10 years of the premium subscription now? Also, when the single year ends, how do I convince the software, without an internet connection, that I have paid for 10 years? Will I be able to get 10 product codes? Or is there some other way to re-enable the software before then? Finally, is it possible to sync using bluetooth between an android based device and a windows 10 surface based device while completely offline? It will be nice to be able to leave the surface in one place, and use an android watch or android glasses to check, add, or update information in my notes. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions! If this will not work, I will hate to have to spend the next few days trying out other software. I leave for my trip on Friday, and will not be able to respond after Thursday mid-day.
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