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  1. Okay, Michael, I have got a script working: whenever I drop something in the Evernote Import folder, a new note is created. And you are familiar with SymLink, OS's Symbolic Links, a feature that is around since OS X. These files simply contain the path of the target file or directory stored as text. If you move the target file, the symlink will break because it still points to the original location in the link. I am using SymLinks for all the folder I backup to cloud services, It works great with Google Drive, and Dropbox, and one avoids file duplications. In case you like to try the service SymbolicLinker: https://github.com/nickzman/symboliclinker/releases Now, concerning an Evernote Import folder, I have certain files from the old iNotepad in .rtf format that I like to Symlink to the import folder. That part works fine. What i really need help with is a script that checks when a givn file has changed, so that any changes in iNotepad get recognized and re-imported to the Evernote Import folder, preferably without creating a new note in Evernote. Thank you for considering to help with this.
  2. For whatever reason and as far as I know, Evernote does not yet offer an import folder, such as it does on the other platform. I came across a easy-to-follow How-To video that explains the process: The Automator code is here: http://www.documentsnap.com/evernote-mac-import-folder/ It works flawlessly. Just drop anything into your designated Evernote Import folder, and it gets added automatically as an Evernote note. However, I have a special need. I have been using iNotepad for many years. Although it is not supported any longer, it still works with 10.10., and i have been using it for very important notes, information and documentations. I would like to have certain notes imported automatically using the SymLink feature of the OS. iNotepad saves into a proprietary folder which can be opened with Show Packages and I can symbolic link each .rtf file into my designated Evernote Import folder. But of course it won't update, because of the missing Automator code. If you have more experience than I have, would you help me to have the contents of the Import folder to be sent to Evernote automatically once a SymLink file changes? Or even better, when I make changes in Evernote that they reflect back to iNotepad. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am virtually sure that there are other programs where people have stored notes and information that they would like to have automatically updated in Evernote. If there are other ways to accomplish this, I would like to know that as well. Thank y'all very kindly.
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