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  1. It still took me a minute but I figured out what you meant and did it. Thank you for the help. But I've had to do this a couple times the past few months, and call me stupid but I can never remember. Why can't I just right click the name and change it? It would really be nice if Evernote would make this simpler, just allow us to select the stack or notebook in question on the sidebar and change it as we go. But again, thank you. I fixed the stack I was looking at.
  2. First, it's been nearly impossible to find any help on this topic. Second, when I do find help, it's not helpful. I keep reading, "Right click". Well, that does absolutely nothing. No menu comes up. There aren't three dots next to my stacks, either, even when I hover the mouse/pointer over the stack I want to rename. I'm on a MacBook. It's OS is 14.0.2. The Evernote version is 10.5.7. And please don't tell me I have to move all my stuff around to make a new stack. That is absurd. Especially as I JUST subscribed to premium, which I'll have no problem canceling if that's all the response I
  3. Thanks, all. It's a Mac app, btw. Searching "reminder" helped, it came up with "Notes with reminders" as a first option. Perfect. Thanks again. Problem solved.
  4. There may be no way to do this but I need to ask. Let's say I set a reminder for a particular note that has several points on it. Several things to do or look up, for instance. I set the reminder and it tells me at the appointed time. I go to the note. I do the first thing on it, but in the process migrated way from the note to other notes that are part of the research. By the time I've opened a few and done several things I've forgotten which note I started with, the one with the reminder. There seems to be no way to find it. Another problem is, the other day, I set reminders for th
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