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  1. The missing note was synced to the mobile because I could see it right there. It just didn't show up when I searched using specific parameters. But now the problem seems to have solved itself, as I have tested the exact same parameters across all three platforms (windows PC, android and desktop app). All of them are showing the same number of results, even though the mobile app took a while to display all of them. Thanks for the help!
  2. I am experimenting this same issue across the mobile app for Android and the online search functionality. Typing exactly the same search parameters returns 5 results online and 4 results on the mobile app (just the one I need is missing). The note I am looking for is a post-it picture I took, so maybe that has something to do with it?
  3. Where exactly should I submit this support request? All the links you provided just take me to self support and there is no option to actually send the activity log.
  4. That does not solve my problem. What I want is to NOT have the alarm enabled by default everytime I create a new reminder. The only reason I use reminders is to have them neatly organized on to-do lists. I rarely need to set alarms for these reminders, but for some reason Evernote now does this by default. Every single time I create a Reminder, once the procedure is finished, the alarm goes off and I have to manually disable it. Perhaps there may be some confusion as to what I mean by "Reminder", since I use Evernote in Portuguese and am not sure about what the word used in English is. What I mean by "reminder" is that little alarm clock icon I click on notes to add them to a to-do list. Although the icon may suggest it is an alarm, I use it primarily for organization, and I clearly remember it not setting alarm notifications in the past.
  5. Everytime I create a reminder on my android phone, it is automatically set to ring the alarm at the exact same time the reminder was created, which is pretty pointless and annoying. This was not the standard behavior some time ago (spent about a month without my phone and got a new one). Is there a way to prevent this from happening and allow me to set reminders without automatically setting an alarm notification for it as well? So far the only workaround I see is to create a note manually and then set it as a reminder.
  6. It's amazing that more than one and a half year after this idea was suggested it still hasn't been implemented yet. Really, the ability to protect a note or a notebook with a password is trivially implemented and would definitely attract the people who don't use Evernote for the lack of such a feature.
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