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  1. Dan, Do share please. We are looking also. What will your group be using now? DM me if you want. thanks.
  2. Evernote - Please give us the option that will let us choose to use new PDF changes or not. Evernote Business has been the biggest platform our company uses for keeping up with thousands of orders and tens of thousands PDF files for purchase orders, vendor acknowledgments and order tracking. Additionally, all the AR & AP statements, remittances, invoices, etc... My point is, we used the PDF & merge feature heavily all the time. We had it working for us so well using desktop scanners, being able to quickly drag PDF from EN to other applications. When EN made the big changes
  3. We can relate to this so well. I would not have selected EN for us knowing the functionality of working with PDF files would be the way it is now.
  4. I agree and would add that we also never see Evernote responding to these related posts about it. I would like to know if there is a petition or somewhere to try to make a difference.
  5. Hello all- Because Evernote has not responded to these comments, and I can't risk the company file system by updating, I don't know if it's safe to update to the newest version. Does anyone know if these issues with 6.8 have been corrected in the latest Windows release? Are the issues with 6.8 regarding PDF files and merging notes now an option instead of mandatory?
  6. As did we. I agree with wanting the options. Functionality was a real hinderance for us. I'll stay with the old version for sure until we research in depth on future updates.
  7. TK- How did you go back to another version? Do they have a download for it?
  8. I've been an Evernote user since 2008 and have seen many changes for better or worse. Until now, I've been able to work around it or adapt. The word Improved is an opinion for the person using it and should not be assumed for everyone else by making those changes mandatory for them. That mentality is much of what's wrong with this world today. Now we need the option of turning those items off as this is not an improvement for our team at all and in fact is now quickly causing problems. Evernote Business (which we pay a lot of money for) has been the biggest platform our company us
  9. Platform being Windows 10 using Evernote desktop software. The problem with using Ctrl-Q is that it takes me from a notebook I'm in to the top so instead of what may be a few results I get hundreds.
  10. It would be very useful if when I click into the search box to begin typing, it would automatically show the last 5 to 10 searches. I am inside Evernote Business all day and multitask on the extreme side. This feature is already in other primary programs and proves to be very useful there.
  11. I too have been trying to figure out how to print into Evernote using Windows. The easiest solution I found is to simply use the "clip screenshot" feature of the icon in the system tray. I can pretty quickly clip a print preview or actual document image which goes into EN where I can then tag or file. It's not a PDF but is still a searchable image.
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