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  1. Agree. This is the most frustrating thing about Evernote. I want to use my apple pencil to write on top of a PDF, but I don't want to sit down and take a photo of every page and paste it into penultimate. If they don't get a drawing over pdf feature soon, I may dump them and find something better.
  2. I love penultimate's feature to zoom in and write with your finger in a large area while it prints it in the zoomed in small area. My handwriting looks better and is easy to write. What I hate is that I can't upload a PDF and take notes on top of it. Handouts in class can be 20 pages long. Other students take out pens and take notes on the form. I want to upload it to evernote and then write on it with my finger like a pen with the features of penultimate. Penultimate needs to include a PDF feature soon.
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