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  1. I wish Evernote would learn from Quip, which has Chat built into every document, so it’s easy to discuss, revise, and reach a final decision in one place. This makes collaboration WAY more effective. Right now work chat between my 2 colleagues is just one long history of everything we've ever chatted about or worked on, with no context/connection to the actual notes we were collaborating on.
  2. I agree with birtwhistle. It surprises me that (we users) have to go through so many steps to create a photo note. I often take pictures of receipts I want to save, and it's annoying to have to close the note, then re-open the note, add a title and tag afterwards. Very clunky process for such an otherwise smart app.
  3. +1 for this! I just wrote a similar request myself before reading this one.
  4. I often find articles I want to save while using my iphone, and I wish I could add tags using the evernote service in my "share" menu. Right now I can only send the articles to my default note archive, and then I have to do a second step of opening evernote, and assign tags to all the articles. It would streamline the process if I could assign the tags as I save the articles on my iphone.
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