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  1. That is what we are doing and manually notifying them about note updates. Will wait for this deployment. Thanks.
  2. Going to the History will not work for me because my user needs to know which part of the notes updated when . So it will help them to prioritize their work and yes I have around 4 premium accounts. It would be good if Evernote developer can develop this feature. Thank you.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have some new requirement and contacted Evernote support for the same. They informed me that they will develop this feature however I would like to post the same requirement here as well. So basically I am looking for the time stamp in the notes where if someone updates the notes in the Evernote, then it should show the time of that particular day. It is like we do chatting in the different app and it shows timing besides the messages. I am asking this because my editor use to update their notes on a regular interval and they really need the timings.
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