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  1. I had the same issue on my Galaxy S5 smartphone as well as on a Windows 7 laptop. Evernote worked fine for months and then the app became very sluggish a few months ago. I edit some notes on my phone but that became nearly impossible with the sluggish response. I would have to wait for 10 seconds or more for each word or character to register. It was impossible to type even short phrases. I've read elsewhere that formatted text can cause this lag. Things as basic as bold type, and colored fonts. Those are the only extra formatting that I've added to any notes. No web clips or media files. Just text with some words in bold and some words in other font colors. Same font style throughout. It's still happening but I figured out a compromise workaround. I can still read through the longer notes on my phone without significant lag. It's editing that is problematic. It doesn't happen as much with shorter notes. So for any longer notes that I need to edit frequently, I just set up a shorter "quick access" note. If the main note was something like LIST, then I created a new note called LIST 1 and renamed the larger note LIST 2. For info that I need to consult frequently, and to make quick edits, I can use the much shorter LIST 1 note. I limit the length to just a few paragraphs at most. If I need to consult LIST 2, read-only isn't a problem. If I need to edit something in LIST 2, I just add a notation in LIST 1 (or another smaller note). Then when I'm back on a laptop or desktop computer, I can make the changes to LIST 2 and clean up LIST 1 again. It's somewhat cumbersome, but not too bad. It lets me use Evernote again without having to do all that reformatting, deleting files and other risky processes that others have suggested that could wipe out data if you're not careful. I haven't found any other easy-to-accomplish workarounds for the lag issue. It has been happening on both Android 5.1.1 and Win 7 for me in recent months.
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