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  1. Hi there, first time posting to the forum, though been using EN as a power use for my life and work for years now. My suggestion today is re the editing capabilities. I think OneNote has certain features that take my note taking to a whole new level -- it lets me make dynamic markups that allows for second level thinking. What do I mean: I take notes on ON but because there are freely droppable text boxes on the page, that allows me to markup my notes with things like "Definition", "Main Point", a flag which means I have to follow up or an exclamation for something I didn't know before. Because these text boxes and graphics are freely movable, I can review the document after my meeting and quickly mark it up for review That lets me look at the whole printed page and immediate draw out the 1-2 points that are key I hate ON but i LOVE the editing. Would love to see it on EN sooner than later. Thank you
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