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  1. BLU had an update to the Pure XL a little bit ago. After that update, I'm able to install/update evernote from the play store. Very strange I only had a problem with this one app but I'm glad it's cleared up now.
  2. Hi Matt, Installing 6.3 worked for me. Actually I didn't realize it would but when I go into the play store I can see that I have an update available so I guess eventually whenever this is fixed it can automatically update. I'm just happy I got some version of Evernote now. It would be a real problem for me if I wasn't able to get something working.
  3. I found this thread when looking for a solution to the same problem myself. As others have said none of the normal fixes worked. My phone came with 5.1installed, a blu pure xl which is the same as one of the other posters. However, just like that other posters every single other app works great. Downloading version 6.3 from the link aboveworked. (Thanks for that). I'll open another support ticket and mention that fact in it. Maybe that will help narrow it downn.
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