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  1. Yes, yet another unwelcome surprise from the ever-asleep team at ever-not. They, just, don't. care. (That's giving them the benefit of the doubt that no one at ever-not is stupid enough to think that corrupting data copied to the clipboard is a good idea.)
  2. It is Absolutely. Frickin. Ridiculous. that this is STILL popping up EVERY single time I load a PDF in chrome in 6.10.1. Even the same pdf. Have all the good product people finally bailed from Evernote?
  3. On my Mac I updated a LOT of my shortcuts. Probably 50. Opened Evernote on my iPad and ... poof ... the entire new shortcut list was wiped out, replaced with some old version, probably whatever was on the ipad last time I made the mistake of using this buggy p.o.s. on my ipad. 6.0.5 on Mac El Capitan, 7.9.2 IOS 9.2
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