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  1. I use a series of rules in Hazel on OSX.. I have two different sets of rules in Hazel. One set is tied to FileThis which will deliver the statements automatically to a folder on my laptop. These rules generally just match the title of the file and snag the date. The other set is for scanning for which I use a separate "inbox" folder. These rules are a little more complex as they need to match the contents of the file which often changes. The maintenance can be a problem because sometimes statements/bills will change their format. In either case, I use AppleScript to push everything into
  2. I have been storing in a folder system in parallel so I can compare the two systems. i definitely don't plan on doing it forever. Unfortunately, using hierarchical tags doesn't really replace the folder structure. For example, tags cannot share names and therefore you'd have to make everything unique. Not really the same but there's certainly a way to simplify with a hierarchy. So far I haven't found a single vendor who will email my statements. Thanks for the tip. OSX has an amazing search feature with Spotlight so I don't really need Evernote's search feature. Were
  3. Hey folks! So I've been using Evernote for my paperless office for 60 days now and I thought I'd share some of my thoughts. I'd like to get some feedback from you all as well. Before I get into some of my challenges, I'd like to share my current process. Input files come from either FileThis, scanned paper or emails direct to Evernote. Pre-processing is done by Hazel which sends to Evernote with the correct tags. Notes that cannot be automatically tagged by Hazel are put in Inbox for manual processing. So this works pretty well for much but here's the issue. First off
  4. Sorry for the delayed response. Got very busy. So this change did the trick and it worked like a charm. BUT.. It sounds like you've been using EN for a long time and you already use my current model with date first? So far, it's not terrible for me - I just see a date followed by another date and then the file name. Have you found your naming scheme to be usable in the long run? Thanks for you help!
  5. Hello everyone, I've made the leap to Evernote and after importing over 1000 notes, I've realized that the filenames I used with my file system (YYYY-MM-DD filename) is not very readable as a note title. Essentially you get the look of a Creation Date followed by another date and finally the name of the note. In many cases I'm sending notes over email without any date in the name and so I'd like to create an AppleScript I can use from the Services menu to move the date to the end of the note title. The only issue is that I don't know how to get the note title so I can then manipulate it in
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