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  1. Here's motivation for including the font resizing on the note tool bar.. ONE NOTE offers it. If that's not motivation enough I am not sure what is. I am a software developer and I can tell you that there is NO plausible reason I know of that would make this feature addition hard to accommodate. I am even open for EN to make this a feature you only get in the paid versions... wait I already PAY for the paid version... looking hard at converting my 2k plus note to One Note.
  2. After years of using EN I am seriously considering dropping it. I cannot preach from a note with a font size of 12-14.. I create notes on my macbook with a default font size of 24.. but when I go to my ipad to preach the same note is 12-14 font size... terrible. It's sad when a company refuses to hear the cries of its customers.. I've been paying too long to have to beg for basic features.
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