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  1. Had the same issue and could swiftly solve it as follows: Log out of Evernote Uninstall EVERNOTE (all files and folders and prefes related to EVERNOTE - this can be easily done with Uninstaller Software. I use AppCleaner - https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/ and it worked perfect for me) Restart MacOS Reinstall Evernote Log-In ... Et voilà! All is fixed!
  2. I am at the same spot where I submitted logs. That was today. I still have to get a reply.
  3. Hi - any update on the issue? in addition to the picture missing, I realized that it is being saved in the wrong Notebook. I selected "Notebook A" in Skitch, but it's selected in "Notebook B" thanx for a solution. Can you please also provide a timeline of solution to above? thank you.
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