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  1. Hello world, Quite new to this forum since I discovered EN yesterday, and I wanted to add my "me too" in favor of a possibility for tag hierarchy. On paper, this soft is so damne great. Multiple media support, cloud synchronization, share tools, and an advanced "find my note" system: Categorization (via the notebooks) possibility to timeline, and ... hierarchical tags!!! How great!!! Can't wait to test it, download the program! Oh damne-it the search won't consider the tags hierarchy. Today, hierachical tags is just a fake feature on Evernote. What about the forums ? Oh, I mean the civil war battlefield. At least, they're some good ideas to reach the goal I/we want. To add for the debate : The theme is "How to find my note". The tag system is great, since every note can belong to many subjects. Furthermore, Hierarchical tags were implemented by EverNote, how can we use this? @ the Con's: Ok, you want it to work the way it does today. Can you tell me why you choose to nest the tags? Do you see any hierachical link between them? Do you realy nested completaly unrelated tags ? It's hard to understand for my human mind, but ok, let's consider some people do. Would it make any difference for you if you ever un-nest your un-related tags ? This way, you would have the exact behavior as today, wouldn't you? I won't consider any problematic such as "how to find my tag" which is quite a non-sense as tagging is a way to find your note : think at the opposite, would you spend, let's say, just 5 seconds thinking about tags if it were not to allow you to find/share a note? Of course not. Please stop sharring your experience wich is irrelevant for the debate : you already have a way to do what you want, Do you realy need 2 ways for the same thing? Let's consider the other custumers wich are, I honnestly think, more numerous in the potential users of EverNote than you (they will just check this feature, find it's a fake and look for another program : there is no point spending time on unfriendly application) @Pro's: Thank you for the advices I've found here to fool around this dead-end feature. It's clearly not user-friendly as you can't reorganize your tags anymore, or that you have to be realy strict on the tags-namming system you use. I won't rely on a fully custumable GUI as, as said before, it would make the gui easily overcrowed. Well, a general setting with a 3-State-checkbox ? This option would be set for "search by default". Added to that, three signs (such as = for exact tag, > for direct children and >> for grand children) would be added for more precise search. From realy far, as a developper, I think it is easily implemantable since we can not have repetitions in tags (forbidden today, even with different nests). There would be a need for a function like "FindSubTag(string FatherNode, enum SeachDepthOption) {... return list[string];}" and to add a foreach loop with an OR condition. Even to an internship, it would take less than 3 days work even he's quite bad at it. @EverNote, you made such a great job with this software. It could be used by everyone for every day and become more and more needed as our information systems are getting bigger and bigger. Why on earth do you want some/many people to have a try at spending their time and money with another software just because you put some dead end with a feature wich seems quite natural to them ? You want to spread cross-platform ? Just consider spreading to a larger part of your potential community, you'll reach more costumers.
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