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  1. Stacks has utterly disappeared as a function, nowhere to be found in Version 7.8 (457454 App Store) Editor: 62.1.7539 (b406110) (whatever that last bit means...) of Evernote Desktop Application for Mac. ABsolutely disappeared. It would be best if Evernote Co simply said so! HGH
  2. I add my voice to the general request: Make Note Title Size adjustable! The Desktop versions (I use Mac) should have this. It is ridiculously small. Otherwise Evernote co is pushing us to the Web versions which can be size controled. HGH
  3. I agree, the Note Title Size is problematic: why is not adjustable? HGH
  4. I second this as well. All attempts at jigging the ordinary settings fail, even when the background icon appears and its color modified (to light green in my case)
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