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  1. I cannot see the edit button when opening a note from 'all notes'. Have lots of business cards to scan and have been waiting for a fix any news on when this will come? Thanks!
  2. I know this post is old but I want to request this feature. Maybe in the US is not a useful feature but in Asia it is. Every advertisement has one. Today I was in a concert venue and they had a QR Code to see the schedule of events, as everything else I need to remember, I wanted to scan it and save it in Evernote. I found out that is impossible with Evernote or Scannable. Who came to the rescue?... Microsoft! I think this should be a feature in Evernote specially since is one of the few Western apps that is widely used in China. Thanks!
  3. Thanks @amanda_h! In fact Option(Alt) + Shift + Tab works.
  4. I use my iPhone 6 plus and a bluetooth keyboard to take meeting notes into Evernote. One of the features that I use most are bulleted Lists but this do not work correctly on the IOS version of ever note. When creating a bulleted list you can indent the list by pressing tab, this creates a sub level. To revert this indentation in all applications you press "shift tab". bullet tab tab Shift tab Shift tab The reverse indentation does not works in the IOS version of Evernote. In all other versions of Evernote or in all other applications on the IPhone it works correctly. This makes me have to touch the screen every time I need to reverse indent. Is there a key stroke for this that I don't know to reverse indent? Thanks for any help!
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