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  1. That may be. But why can't Evernote allow the user to chose? It would be a simple reassignment of a hot key, and they would ofcourse leave the default setting as "copy with format". 90 % of the time I open notepad, it is to perform a paste-copy to remove formatting. I'd rather do that than having to battle with different formatting in a document. It is quicker than changing font, size, bold, italics, line height etc. Not to mention when I then find I am blessed with weird invisible stubborn formatting, that refuse to die. Then the easy way out is to copy paste into notepad (which I should have done in the first place...), and fresh text into a new non-black-voodoo-magic-tainted document. Yeah.
  2. I dislike that I am forced to remember to use a special keyboard command every time simply because Evernote will not allow me to configure what my default paste CTRL+V command does. HAVE ANYONE EVER wanted to paste text WITH formatting? This should be the special command, not the other way around. I find this incredibly stupid. I never want to copy formatting, and every time I have to make efforts to avoid it. I have not yet internalized the alternate paste command CTRL+SHIFT+V, so I end up pressing WINDOWS+R, typing notepad, CTRL+V, CTRL+A, CTRL-C, back to Evernote, CTRL+V!
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