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  1. I totally agree with this requirement. I've largely switched to OneNote because of Evernote's lack of pen support. I much prefer to sketch and take handwritten notes in meetings, when I@m brainstorming, etc, as I find it quicker and more intuitive and flexible than having to type everything. Evernote's lack of handwriting/sketching integation has become a bit of a show stopper for me. OneNote handles it beautifully.
  2. Evernote running in Windows 10 Pro I frequently have the problem of a selected note not actually displaying in the main pane. For example, I search for a word, the snippet list then displays a list of matching notes. When i select the desired note, the main display keeps displaying the note I was viewing previously. In order to actually view the note I want, I have to go and select a completely different notebook, repeat the search and then select the required note. There seems to be no regularity to when or why it behaves this way, but it's extremely frustrating.
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