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  1. I totally understand that Evernote needs to make money but that's the strange thing! - With apple offering passcode protected notes for free there is no way I'm going to pay for an upgrade to Evernote Premium. With the most recent (and reasonable) restriction to only having Evernote Basic sync with two devices I'm really only staying for historical reasons and laziness but I'm much more likely to leave than upgrade. Perhaps that's the Evernote strategy for weeding out freebie users?
  2. Thanks for these helpful replies. I have unchecked the option and am very happy that it turned out to be so simple.
  3. Yes I understood that and likewise I can password protect my entire account on the computer but as I stated I want instant access to most of my evernotebooks and only want to password protect some of them. Thanks for suggesting I vote which I have now done
  4. Just adding another voice to this. For me it's important that I can get to most of my notebooks without having to use a password because I use it 'on the hoof' to record all kinds of stuff and don't want to be slowed down tapping in a password on an iPhone etc. However I would like some notebooks for sensitive information that are password protected. I'm not worried about the CIA or any such concerns that need encryption, I just don't want other people using my computer to be able to see some stuff. As it is I use the 'Day One' app which is perfect for the security that I require but the text formatting is too limited and I'd ideally use evernote if I could
  5. I also have this request. I don't have the evernote web clipper installed just the extension in Safari. I'd love to turn this feature off since I have no intention of using it and it just gets in the way of viewing the pdf. Thanks in advance
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