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  1. Yeah, we will wait. Some of the my requests are mummified here for years. But this time I want to believe ©
  2. Started 2017, now it is 2019 and we are still on the same place! Evernote team, it's not cool. So, the symptoms, the cause and the solution. The symptom I save a web page to Evernote with the Chrome Evernote Web Clipper in a "Simplified article" mode. When I open the saved page in the Evernote for Windows, or in the Evernote for Mac, or online, I see the beforementioned big ugly right margin. I can't get rid of it unless I reformat all of the note. The analysis I installed the Сhrome extension called “AlterNote” to dig into the note's source code. It works with online notes. What I found. The code of the stored note contains the content element with 36em width: <div style="margin: 0px auto; padding: 0px 2em; border: 0px; font-size: inherit; vertical-align: baseline; z-index: 200; position: relative; width: 36em;"> A short look into the HTML, produced by Evernote Web Clipper on Chrome, shows that it's a <div id="box"> element for the central column with content. It limits its width. It looks good on the browser's screen, but why they don't clean it up before the saving and store it in the note where it looks terrible? The solution For us, users — none. Ball's in the Evernote's court. They should just remove "width: 36em" from the HTML in the Web Clip before sending the simplified article to the server, and the problem will be solved. (The HTML of the simplified article is a complete mess, so probably they shouldn't stop on this element. But you just have to start somewhere.) I filled the ticket 2870996 and got my portion of “Everything'll be ok, lalala” from the Support. The workaround for poor forsaken us Install the “AlterNote” Chrome Add-on. Open the note online. Open the AlterNote window. Click on the “<>” button at the top to edit the note's source code. Locate the <DIV> with width: 36em; (not so far from the top). Delete width: 36em;. Close the source window. Save the note (from the menu, or just hit Ctrl-S on Windows). Close the note. Reload the page with note to see the changes. *Repeat steps 2-9 for each note with gaps. ***** it all and fill another ticket to the Evernote Support. * optional.
  3. Yes, in the Desktop Windows version. But I can't find something like this in Android app.
  4. How can I turn off the automatic creating of the numbered lists? I write “1.” then hit “space” — and the numbered list is here. Trying to hit del, loosing “1.” at all. Can't find the option like “Start a numbered list with "1."” in a windows desktop version.
  5. When I type in a note, I experience lags every few seconds. Half of second, one second, sometimes longer. After that the typed text catches up, but often with first letters caps on like THAt. I found here a lots of complaints on this matter over the years, but still no solution. So I want to raise this question again. Obviously it's an instant sync problem. When it happens I can see in the activity log something like this: 12:27:19 [INFO ] [14324] [32] 100% Updating server note "test note", resource count: 0, content: 2.0 KB 12:27:19 [INFO ] [14324] [32] 100% * guid={47f22654-0343-44ba-bf29-8436e7db714b} Switching off the network (or firewalling the Evernote) eliminates the lags. But I hardly think it's a proper solution for a business-enabled paid application.
  6. First image is original web page clip. Second — after “Simplify Formatting” Third — after “Remove Formatting” I suppose something is wrong. No formatting is removed, but some pieces of the text are changed a bit.
  7. In Note Editor: do we really need another obstacle with the new line “Created by, edited by, shared with”? How often do you need this information while typing in a note? For me it's "never". Please, remove it. I know where to look if I need it. The screen is already overcrowded, give more room for editing.
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