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  1. Yeah, we will wait. Some of the my requests are mummified here for years. But this time I want to believe ©
  2. Started 2017, now it is 2019 and we are still on the same place! Evernote team, it's not cool. So, the symptoms, the cause and the solution. The symptom I save a web page to Evernote with the Chrome Evernote Web Clipper in a "Simplified article" mode. When I open the saved page in the Evernote for Windows, or in the Evernote for Mac, or online, I see the beforementioned big ugly right margin. I can't get rid of it unless I reformat all of the note. The analysis I installed the Сhrome extension called “AlterNote” to dig into the note's source code. It works with o
  3. Yes, in the Desktop Windows version. But I can't find something like this in Android app.
  4. How can I turn off the automatic creating of the numbered lists? I write “1.” then hit “space” — and the numbered list is here. Trying to hit del, loosing “1.” at all. Can't find the option like “Start a numbered list with "1."” in a windows desktop version.
  5. When I type in a note, I experience lags every few seconds. Half of second, one second, sometimes longer. After that the typed text catches up, but often with first letters caps on like THAt. I found here a lots of complaints on this matter over the years, but still no solution. So I want to raise this question again. Obviously it's an instant sync problem. When it happens I can see in the activity log something like this: 12:27:19 [INFO ] [14324] [32] 100% Updating server note "test note", resource count: 0, content: 2.0 KB 12:27:19 [INFO ] [14324] [32] 100% * guid={
  6. First image is original web page clip. Second — after “Simplify Formatting” Third — after “Remove Formatting” I suppose something is wrong. No formatting is removed, but some pieces of the text are changed a bit.
  7. In Note Editor: do we really need another obstacle with the new line “Created by, edited by, shared with”? How often do you need this information while typing in a note? For me it's "never". Please, remove it. I know where to look if I need it. The screen is already overcrowded, give more room for editing.
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