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  1. I resolved the problem. When selecting the pen menu, a new feature has been added: "Snap To Shape." I had to disable this. It was a new feature added this week, four days ago:
  2. Something seems to have changed in the last week or so with Evernote on the iPad Pro. I make notes and draw sketches using the Apple Pencil. The app is now attempting to auto-correct every hand-written mark I make, and this is very much undesirable and a productivity killer. After drawing a line, Evernote automatically straightens it, or turns my "o" into zeroes, and any number of other similar corrections. If I click the Undo button, Evernote reverts the auto-correction to my initial sketch, which was my intent anyway. The app was not doing this earlier this week. What has happened? How do I disable this "feature"? Did I inadvertently change a setting? I have looked through the settings menu but do not see anything that seems relevant. Help. Please.
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