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  1. So Broke. They've got our thoughts and lives in their hands and couldn't care less. Herd the sheep good dogs! Make them rain golden wool about our Sonoma mansions! How long will it be till corporations learn that ethics pay off in the long run? It's also called investment. The best post I saw was about how the very first computers had this feature. Ridiculous. I'll say it again. RIDICULOUS. There is no other word. That I couldn't find and replace. This is C++ level stuff so... What The Hell?
  2. I just had this same issue, exporting from the notebooks page, my main book of about 350 notes. So after seeing this I tried just going into the "all notes" view and selecting the ones I was really concerned about backing up, about 121 notes, and they went just fine. So this means there is what? Searching for notes in this manner was a one kick step for me but could be quite tedious depending on where the wrong zeros are at. Some miscommunication between OSX and Evernote that needs mending? Seems like it's probably more than just empty screenshots but I'm no coder. Additional information: I'm still on Sierra. I don't trust Apple anymore.
  3. Wow! If you do in fact speak for Evernote, thanks for telling a bunch of your concerned, probably dues-paying customers they just got Punk'd by the "reliability" of an internet comment board "up-vote" system. You should put this feature in because it's a good ***** idea and because it would be easy for you, not because of some inane internet popularity contest. Case closed.
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