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  1. Yes, I did, but the German support form does not allow to categorize the support inquiry as a BUG.
  2. Bug can be reproduced easily, also on other Iphone models (tried Iphone 6s Plus and Iphone 6) 1. Uninstall the app 2. Re-install the App and sign in. All notes are shown in the App itself. 3. Try to search for a note with a keyword included in one of your note titles via Spotlight. No notes are found. 4. Add a new note 5. Search for a keyword included in the new note's title. This one is shown by spotlight, but not all older notes.All notes you create from now on, are found.
  3. Hi, your link is about OsX on Mac, I have this issue on Iphone 6s Plus. New iphone and App installed via Backup on the new phone. But also when I delete and re-install the app re-install the bug occurs.
  4. Hi, when I re-install Evernote, Spotlight search only finds notes which are created after installing the app, not existing older notes. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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