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  1. Hi, we are working with groups, and we need to give a different name to each chat, if not, without a name is impossible to know in middle of dozens of chats, which is the right one to post, please, we read that Evernote team guy about this matter just say ''stay tunned'', - mcheng (Evernote Employee),Posted 18 Aug 2015: ''Hi These features should be rolling out to the Evernote clients soon. Stay tuned.''.... PLEASE your customers need this main option be available soon (again), we hope in christ to receive your asap kind response, thank, God bless you, bye.
  2. I have exactly the same ''big hassle'' of Harmke here, I have a Business Premium account, and is big problem do not have the history in our chats, this is the same like lost our info to review in any case in unexpected moment. Please give us our chat history again!! I'll open the ticket gazumped Thanks, God bless u.
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