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  1. Same problem, ended up here... work around is to print the file to evernote but of course then it won't go in the right folder... This is on Mojave...
  2. ... and of course I could just delete it from the folder if I was that bothered....
  3. Hmm that's an interesting idea. Thanks for that DTLow. I guess that means that I'd have the file stored in a folder and in Evernote, taking up twice the space.... but then I probably do that anyway.... I suppose I can't quite believe Evernote hasn't made this an easier workflow (like it is from the webclipper). But maybe its not so easy to implement it at the OSX level.
  4. Is there any way to upload an opened PDF from Preview into a specific notebook? I can use the uparrow share thingy but it only ever loads into the default (in my case "first notebook"). Then I have to go into Evernote and move it to the right notebook which is a right ball-ache. Am I missing something or is this just not possible? I know I can do it from the browser both on the desktop and Android but that's not what I'm asking about. Its really really annoying!!
  5. Just looked this up myself... the key thing is not to have the card view of notes as you can't do it then. Change the view and its fine. (on Mac). You'd think right clicking would give you the option in the card view - but it doesn't.
  6. I'm finding that the webclipper recognises a linkedin page but doesn't save what companies the person worked at. So you have to ignore the linkedin option and just use save full page. This is with Safari and Chrome on a Macbook pro. Anyone else have the same problem?
  7. Arrgh. Evernote business card scanner is so nearly brilliant. I've just scanned in a bunch of cards using Android Evernote Premium. I recently updated my phone so my first mistake was not setting the default business card notebook to 'business cards', which I think it was by default previously. Anyway now I've done that now so at least the cards will be saved in the right place. I'm having a weird experience - when I click on a business card note (on Mac Desktop) the image of the business card disappears. Then sometimes the contact info is shown, sometimes its not. It seems like
  8. When I just tried this I found Evernote would only export the name, email address and photo (from linkedin) but not phone number & postal address. This might be because my primary account in Mac Contacts is an exchange server. Then again it might not. On the other hand if I save it after scanning each card on my Android phone (to the same Exchange server) it works inasmuch as all the detail is captured (address, phone number, notes etc) but *not* the photo (from linkedin)!. [However the address isn't correctly parsed - ie all the address is on the first line, rather than separate
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