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  1. Ah, there's the rub. I use the basic subscription, and have never had a need for any premium feature ever. Do I get a higher level subscription just to clear up this particular bug?
  2. Yes, pics are fine. Also, I have Restarted my iPhone, uninstalled and reinstalled Scannable, and Restarted my iPhone again.
  3. I have an iPhone 6, currently running iOS 9.2.1. I downloaded Scannable this summer, shortly before starting to work remotely, and it was a godsend. I am constantly having to sign things and send them somewhere, and with Scannable I didn't need to buy a separate scanner, and aren't scanners going to be dinosaurs soon? But then, starting a couple of months ago, I started to have problems where the scans were not clear and readable all the time. I know to make it scan and save as a PDF. I have tried switching between Scannable and the camera within Evernote, and sometimes one would work and
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